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Keeping your bud as fresh as the day you got it.

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Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States

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Protect Your Passions

Keep your terpenes safe. Boveda packets offer two-way humidity control to keep cannabis as fresh and potent as scientifically possible. The packs passively add and remove humidity precisely as needed, so you’ll never have to worry about stale — or worse, moldy — bud ever again.


Brand Values & Honors

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In their own words...


Becoming the global leader in any category doesn’t happen overnight. Becoming the global leader in a category that didn’t even exist is even harder. But that’s what Boveda did and continues to do since 1997.

We made “Never, ever, ever give up” one of our company values because that’s how important it was from Boveda’s very beginning.  

Today that persistence looks like millions of two way humidity control packets getting shipped out each year to protect your finest cigars, regulate the environment of your favorite guitar and keep the terpenes in your cannabis where they belong.

That’s a lot to expect out of a humble brown packet, but Boveda has dedicated more than 20 years to protecting your passions.

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