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The Nespresso of weed

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Los Angeles, CA

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The Nespresso of Weed

The Nespresso of Weed

BEED brings the future to your smoke circle with cutting-edge machines that create the crispiest joints in just 20 seconds. Say goodbye to uneven burns and slobbery, crumb-filled rolls. These sleek robots do the hard part; you just twist and light up. Whether they’re packed with BEED’s premium flower or your own custom blend, BEED's recyclable aluminum capsules guarantee a consistent and enjoyable smoke every time. Elevate your gatherings with effortless, exceptional joints and become the rolling hero of the party.


Brand Values & Honors


In their own words...


"Love joints but lament the labor and way they look when you roll them yourself? BEED has everything you need to get a perfect joint every last time. What is essentially the Keurig of cannabis offers the ability for consumers at any level to get the pre-roll of their dreams at the push of a button. It’s a fully-automated appliance that takes premium product from pod to pre-roll in just 20 seconds. Meaning all that’s required of you is loading a pod, pressing a button and lighting up.

Available in multiple colors like black, gray and mint and offering a range of targeted flower blends focusing on effect states like being social, active, productive or relaxed, BEED’s crafted a complete catalog for making your daily smoking routine more dialed in than ever. Let's get rolling."

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